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June 2020 Lynnwood Municipal Court Case - CASE DISMISSED!

Mark W. Garka's Client drove his brand new vehicle to a local convenience store and bought beer. He had a rather recognizable sports car. Inside the convenience store he talked to a Municipal Police Officer.  When his Client was parking his car at the convenience store, the Municipal Police Officer noted that he scraped the bottom of his car. Again, this is a sports car and it is very low to the ground.

The Client drove away and was stopped by a different Municipal Police Officer. He was pulled over for not having a license plate or a paper temporary license in the window of his car. The problem was, he did have the paper temporary license in the rear window of his car, however, the rear window of the sports car is sloped so the police officer was unable to see the paper license.

In the Department of Licensing hearing, Mark W. Garka asked the Municipal Police Officer if he saw the paper license, and the Municipal Police Officer said he did. When the Attorney asked why the Municipal Police Officer didn't just say to his Client, “Sorry I didn't think you had a proper license”, and then walk away. The Municipal Police Officer stated that he wanted to investigate further. This is an illegal detention. 

As a result of our investigation, and our arguments about the illegal detention, we won the Department of Licensing Hearing.  Furthermore the City Prosecutor dismissed the case because of the same findings.  Mark W. Garka's Client did not do any jail time and he did not lose his driver's license.  CASE DISMISSED!

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