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July 2020 Snohomish County District Court Case - CASE DISMISSED!

Mark W Garka's Client was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Reckless Driving (RD), and Hit and Run Attended (H&R A) which means that someone was in the car that was hit.  His Client was arrested at a friend's house.  All of this came as a huge shock, because his Client was not impaired, had not hit anybody, nor had driven recklessly.

A civilian witness called in the complaint and two Troopers investigated the case. On the date of her arrest she gave blood.  Not surprisingly, the blood did not have alcohol or drugs in it. 

With the assistance of our Private Investigator, we discussed with one of the Troopers why he thought she was impaired when she was not impaired.  He was not the original Trooper on the scene, so he had no idea why she was contacted initially. We were not able to talk to the other Trooper because he did not respond to our requests. Also, the State Prosecutor did not have good statements from the civilian witness.

This case was dismissed after a long battle.  This was a frustrating experience for Mark W. Garka's Client and with this positive outcome, his Client's CASE WAS DISMISSED!

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