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November 2019 Mill Creek Municipal Court Case

Mark W. Garka's Client was pulled over by a local Municipal Police Officer. The reason for the stop is unclear. Mark W. Garka subpoenaed the Municipal Police Officer to testify in the Department of Licensing hearing so the Officer could be interviewed.

After the Municipal Police Officer was done testifying, Mark W. Garka convinced the Washington State Department of Licensing Hearing Officer that the reason for the stop was illegal, and the Hearing Officer agreed and the Hearing Officer ruled in his favor.

Despite Mark W. Garka's Client blowing twice the presumptive legal limit of 0.08, Mark W. Garka was able to convince the City Prosecutor to amend the charge of DUI down to the charge of Negligent Driving in the first degree because of the information obtained in the Department of Licensing Hearing.

Mark W. Garka's Client did not lose his driver's license, nor need SR22 high risk insurance and he did not serve any additional jail time.

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