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Is DUI Representation Always Helpful?

Posted by Mark Garka | Nov 09, 2018 | 0 Comments

DUIs are a common occurrence throughout the United States, and many people charged with DUIs believe there is no point in contesting the charges. They take the stand and plead guilty without even talking to a criminal defense lawyer, an ill-advisable choice in all DUI scenarios. Why is DUI representation always helpful regardless of the circumstances? We put the answers below!

DUI Representation Can Prove Innocence

Many people think an illegal BAC is the only factor in determining if someone is driving while under the influence; however, there are a variety of factors that can play a role in the appropriate arrest of a suspected drunk driver. If an aspect of the arrest was performed incorrectly, it calls into question the integrity of the whole case. For this reason, criminal defense attorneys investigate the circumstances surrounding the event to determine if every aspect of the arrest is above reproach.

DUI attorneys can find the following arrest-problems:

  • The arresting officer fails to recite the Miranda warning on arrest;
  • The arresting officer fails to give the tests appropriately;
  • The arresting officer does not have probable cause to pull over the driver;
  • The accuracy of the breathalyzer used is questionable.

If an experienced criminal defense attorney discovers that one of these problems exists, he may be able to use that information to call into question the integrity of the case. Defensive investigations by criminal defense attorneys can get cases thrown out! This is one of the reasons why someone charged with a DUI should always hire legal counsel, but there are others!

DUI Representation Can Lower Penalties

Every convict faces civil and legal penalties as a result of their crimes; however, the extent of the penalties will vary depending on the circumstances and arguments presented during the case.

Let's look at the penalties of a first-time DUI conviction in Washington.

  • 90-day license suspension;
  • Ignition interlock device put in car;
  • 1-364 days in jail;
  • At least 15 days of electronic home monitoring or 90 days in a 24/7 sobriety program;
  • $550-$5,200 fine

Those convicted of a first-time DUI could face one day in jail or a year in jail! Similarly, first-time DUI convictions can lead to a $550, or a $5,200 fine! If two people are convicted of the same crime, how can one person face a day in jail while the other could face nearly a year in jail?

It's all about circumstances and the defense you present for your case!

If you hire experienced legal counsel, this typically shows the court that you're serious about making a change in your life. Additionally, a criminal defense attorney can show the court why you deserve the lightest of penalties for a DUI conviction. If a defense attorney can't obtain a “not guilty” verdict for your case, they will at least help you minimize the impact your case will have on your life. Therefore, DUI representation is always helpful because it can lower your penalties.

Need Experienced Legal Representation for Your Case?

Our justice system was founded on the idea that a defendant has a right to fight for his freedom, which is why DUI representation upholds the cornerstone statement of criminal defense, “innocent until proven guilty.” If you are ready to fight for your case, attorney Mark Garka is waiting for your call!

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Mark is a solo-practitioner who limits his practice to DUI Defense. During Law School, he worked in the Juvenile Division for the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney's Office and he also worked in the Corrections Division at the Attorney General's Office. After completing his degree, he clerked...


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