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Students Get Sobering Reminder of Drunk Driving on Prom Night

Posted by Mark Garka | May 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

Students at Stone High School in Mississippi were recently given a graphic and sobering reminder of the dangers of drunk driving in the days leading up to prom night. Classmates re-enacted the scene of a crash involving a drunk driver, taking steps to make it as close to real-life as possible. This included having Stone County first responders, including paramedics, firefighters, sheriff's deputies, and EMTs rush to the scene.

Stone County Sheriff's Deputies work to coordinate this re-enactment every year as an effort to curtail drunk driving. Captain Kevin Sharpe of Stone County DUI enforcement stated "We would rather work it here than actually go out on a real crash and deal with the same situation." The hopes of this exhibition is that prom night memories are not tarnished by the devastating loss of a friend and fellow classmate due to alcohol.

Haley Smith, a senior at Stone County High School, played the role of the 911 caller during the re-enactment. Afterward she stated “It was very eye opening. It was just a good experience to have, especially for the whole school with prom coming up…”

The scene also included a hearse carrying away the body of a student who was pronounced dead.

Prom Night Drunk Driving

Prom night is an event high school students around the country look forward to the entire school year. However, for a few, it ends in tragic loss of life that could have otherwise been preventable. The statistics every year point to a sobering reality: most teens are unaware of the immense danger of drinking and driving.

More than 90% of teens believe their fellow classmates will drink and drive on prom night, but only 29% believe that doing so contains a high degree of danger. As a result, more than half of all students consume four or more alcoholic drinks on prom night, leading to hundreds of accidents, injuries, and fatalities every year.

The best way to avoid having your teen fall victim to this trend is to be prepared. Educate them in the dangers of driving drunk, and do everything in your power to prevent them from drinking on prom night. Know where they'll be, and be sure to encourage them to call you and get a ride home if they're ever in a situation with a drunk driver or find themselves too drunk to drive. Likewise, never host a party for teenagers that serves alcohol; not only is this highly-illegal, but you could be encouraging other teenagers to engage in this extremely dangerous behavior.

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