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New Alcohol Monitoring "Tattoo" Could Save Numerous Lives

Posted by Mark Garka | Jan 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Could a tattoo be what ultimately saves thousands of lives by preventing DUI accidents? Researchers from the University of California San Diego are hoping so. Utilizing a grant from the National Institute of Biomedical Imagine and Bioengineering, the University has developed a small device that utilizes sweat from your skin to determine blood alcohol levels and then send the results directly to your phone via Bluetooth.

The device is made up of two small parts: a small sticker that looks a lot like a tattoo, and a small circuit board. The sticker actually contains small leads which can cause your skin to sweat and then collect the sweat for analysis, performed by the small circuit board. The board then sends the results of the test to your phone in mere minutes using a Bluetooth chip.

Designers have highlighted the non-invasive nature of the device, noting it can easily be hidden by a sleeve, much like a regular tattoo. However, they are hoping that by using this simple and non-invasive device to self-monitor their blood alcohol level, people can save lives by knowing when they've had too much.

The device is not yet available to the public, as it must undergo thorough testing and several other complicated steps before it can be made available commercially. UCSD has noted that the app which receives the blood-alcohol signal needs to be made more user-friendly before it can be released for widespread public use.

Potential Impact

Despite the fact that driving while under the influence has a strong stigma and could lead to heavy prosecution, a number of people still refuse to take things like simple personal-use breathalyzer tests due to their appearance. As a result, a number of people get behind the wheel without knowing the extent of their intoxication. A device that can allow people to discreetly test their own BAC can help them make good decisions when drinking and potentially save lives by preventing them from driving.

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