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Seattle Police Prepares for Widespread Body Cam Usage

Posted by Mark Garka | Sep 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

In response to the latest spree of police violence around the country and the elevated concern as to police transparency, the Seattle Police Department has begun the process of implementing body-worn camera systems onto all on-duty officers.

The new system will hopefully add another layer of transparency and clear evidence to incidences of police violence to help better demonstrate the truth. The solution has been used to considerable success at other police divisions around the country.

Will It Work?

Despite the potentially tremendous upsides, there are lots of questions as to whether this system will work to the degree the public opinion thinks it will. If an officer runs after a suspect, the body cam footage will be extremely shaky, if the camera isn't dislodged or knocked off during the encounter. Ultimately, despite perfect operation, obstructions can still render this footage completely useless.

And then to add to the difficulty, Seattle has a very progressive policy on public disclosure via the state's Public Records Act. Currently, dash cam footage from patrol cars is available upon request, but must be redacted or edited for instances involving murder victims, private homes, minors, and more. An expert can usually complete a simple, one-minute video in approximately 30 minutes, but more complex videos take longer to complete. An increase in requests could mean citizens are waiting days or maybe even weeks to get the footage they are requesting.

How Does This Affect Your DUI?

If all officers are wearing body cameras, so long as the cameras are able to clearly capture the events of your stop and testing, this footage could potentially be game-changing for your case. Because the laws regarding DUI arrests are so specific and require officers to adhere to a strict protocol, video evidence could clearly demonstrate a mistake by police or any other misstep on the part of law enforcement that could get your case dismissed.

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