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OK Google, Am I Drunk?

Posted by Mark Garka | Dec 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

You enter your sex, height, weight and the number of drinks you have consumed and the app calculates your breath alcohol level (BAC). Honesty is the key here.

The feature that estimates blood alcohol levels has users enter their height and weight, and the details about what kind and how many drinks they have consumed. For instance, the app estimates that a 130-pound woman who just drank a glass of red wine would have a blood-alcohol level of 0.04 percent. However, keep in mind that in Washington State you could be below the legal limit, 0.08 for adults, and still be considered impaired by the police officer's assessment and subsequently you are arrested for DUI.

If you are below the 0.08 line , the app will warn you that your ability to drive may be impaired, and that you should get a cab or have someone else drive you home. If you enable the app to do so, it uses the GPS to call a cab or uses your phone number to call a friend to be your designated driver.

If you want, you can also play a game. In this game, you press a red “brake” button when an image of a pedestrian passes by or a car ahead of you stops. The game measures just how fast or slow you react and how much time you would have needed to avoid a collision. Therefore, measuring your impairment.

Another game that claims to test your reaction time and cognitive agility shows nine road signs that blink in a different order. Users try to recall the order, which gets increasingly challenging with each round. This is difficult whether or not you have consumed alcohol and may not be a true indicator of impairment.

This app is called ENDUI, pronounced “End DUI”, and was made for the State of Maryland, funded by federal money reserved for drunken-driving education efforts. The app is free and available now on iOS and Android. You can download this app in Washington State but remember that Washington State DUI laws may not be the same as Maryland's laws.

This app is designed to warn you if your driving ability is likely to be impaired and warns you to get a cab or have someone that has not been drinking take you home. It might be a fun party toy but your best bet is to not drink and drive and more importantly to not rely on this app to determine whether or not you are too intoxicated to drive.

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