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September 2021 Snohomish County Municipal Court Case

Mark W. Garka's Client reached out to our office because he had an old warrant and a concern that he would be going to jail for a long time.  Mark looked into the situation and helped the Client enroll in treatment.  Mark W. Garka also documented all the positive things that his Client had done since going missing for several years prior which had then resulted in this bench warrant.  The Judge was pleased to see that Mark's Client was enrolled in treatment and he was taking this matter seriously.  The Judge only ordered the Client to do electronic home monitoring. The client never had to go to jail.

Mark Garka

Mark is a solo-practitioner who limits his practice to DUI Defense. During Law School, he worked in the Juvenile Division for the Snohomish County Prosecuting Attorney's Office and he also worked in the Corrections Division at the Attorney General's Office. After completing his degree, he clerked...

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