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February 2013 King County Municipal Court Case

Mark W. Garka's Client was arrested in a local city where he ultimately blew a 0.13 breath alcohol level. Reason for the stop? The Officer did a "California Stop" through a stop sign and almost hit Mark W. Garka's Client, therefore causing him to swerve to miss the Officer. The Judge said that the reason Mark's Client exhibited bad driving was because he was surprised by the Officer's driving. Mark's Client exhibited no other bad driving. The offer from the City was to plead guilty as charged. Mark W. Garka and his Client opted to take the case to trial, but before they did, Mark argued the case in a Motion Hearing. The Judge focused on the argument that Mark W. Garka raised in that there was no reason to stop his Client. The Judge decided that there was no illegal driving by my Client, and after the Motion hearing, the Judge dismissed the case!


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