Aspects of Washington DUI Laws Everyone Should Know About

When we think of driving under the influence (DUI) laws, we typically think of straightforward processes and procedures. However, there are some aspects of DUI laws that everyone should know about. If you don’t know these things already, you may be surprised by what you’ll learn.

DUIs Are Criminal Offenses

DUI convictions are criminal offenses, even with a first-time conviction! Many people believe a DUI charge is just like a traffic ticket (i.e., a moving violation), but that is not the case. DUIs go on your record, and when it comes to employment, this can affect your life. If a potential employer asks if you have a record, you will have to answer with a, “yes.”

Ignition Interlock Devices After Conviction

In Washington, when a court finds a person guilty of a DUI, he or she may have to install an ignition interlock device (IID) in the vehicles they drive. An ignition interlock device is a portable breathalyzer connected to the ignition of a vehicle. When someone wants to use his or her car with an IID, he or she have to pass the breathalyzer test. Once the driver proves they are sober, he or she will be able to start their car. If you fail an IID test, the results will go to court!

Wet & Reckless

Many people think a first-time DUI charge automatically sticks, and therefore, it’s not worth it to fight the case; however, Washington has a “wet and reckless” charge.

A wet and reckless conviction is a less severe DUI conviction: it is better in the following ways:

  • It lowers the probability that you’ll have to install an IID;
  • It has a lower probationary period; and
  • It gives the driver an opportunity to keep their license.

DUI Defense Can Help

While these three little-known DUI aspects are important, there are dozens of other things that will impact your DUI case. Therefore, it is always beneficial to hire a knowledgeable DUI attorney who can help you fight your case!

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