New State Law Will Affect Washington Drivers

Recently, Washington’s governor, Jay Inslee, signed bills designed to halt fatal and severe driving accidents that had been rising in recent years. One bill made it an offense to do almost anything while driving and holding a mobile phone, including texting, using social media, or using the Internet. A driver can only use one finger to activate, deactivate, or sign off on a phone. Penalties for a violation include a $135 ticket the first time and up to $235 the second time.

Washington previously required drivers to use hands-free devices for talking on cellphones and banned texting years ago. However, smartphones have allowed people to do more things that were not mentioned in the original statute. The bill gives drivers until the beginning of 2019 before tickets would be issued under the new distracted driving law; however, Inslee vetoed that section, allowing the law to become active this summer.

Another bill passed was one that makes a driver’s fourth driving-under-the-influence (DUI) charge within 10 years a felony. Under previous law, a 5th DUI charge would be counted as a felony while a 4th charge would still be a misdemeanor. The new law would make penalties for the 4th DUI substantially more severe.

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