Underage Drinking: Don't remember your graduation for the wrong reasons!

Underage Drinking Has Serious Consequences In Washington State

High School Graduation is a time for celebration. June is approaching where a large number of 18 year olds will be leaving High School and entering the” “real” world where they will need to make adult decisions.

For as long as there has been an age limit on drinking alcohol, there have been underage children trying to get their hands on it. They have used fake ID’s, older friends to buy it, and many other tactics to get around Washington State’s liquor laws. Some underage children have even turned to alternative products that contain alcohol. Over the past years, children have consumed mouthwash, cough syrup, and vanilla extract, all in the pursuit of a buzz. There is now a new product that children are consuming; hand sanitizer!

Recently, six teenagers ended up in a Los Angeles ER with alcohol poisoning after consuming hand sanitizer. These teenagers have figured out a way to distill hand sanitizer into its pure alcohol form. The result is a 120 proof alcohol that they consume. A few drinks by an individual of this concentrated alcohol can result in a high enough blood alcohol level to fail the DUI breath test and get arrested for a DUI under 21 in Washington State. Health officials now warn parents of the potential risk that hand sanitizers can pose and urge them to switch to the foam based hand sanitizers.


Underage drinking has serious consequences. Please enjoy a sober graduation and If you are a minor or know one that has been accused of Washington State DUI or a Minor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) charge, you need an Washington State DUI lawyer or Snohomish County DUI Defense Lawyer.

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