Sobriety 24-7 Program for Repeat Offenders - Put on hold

Washington State has been experiencing many drastic new changes in DUI laws and DUI penalties.

In Washington State, we have some of the toughest Ignition Interlock Device (IID) requirements in the nation. We also have mandatory jail time and fines if convicted of a DUI and everyone convicted of a DUI has to get an alcohol/drug assessment.

During the last Legislative session, a program was enacted which would require repeat offenders and even a second offense DUI offender, to be booked into jail. The DUI repeat offender cannot bail out of jail until they see a judge. Once they see a judge, the DUI repeat offender would be on a monitoring program until their case is finished!

The repeat offender (called a “Participant”) would be required to prove that they have not been drinking by going to a specific location to provide a sample of their breath into a Portable Breath Test device (PBT), 7 days a week.

Counties have been reconsidering their participation in this program because of potential Constitutional concerns (as if violating the Constitution has ever stopped bad laws), and, probably more importantly, because of cost concerns. Counties participating in the program would be required to hire additional employees to watch the “Participants”. Chelan County backed out of the program because as one official said, “It just seemed to me like the county was taking something on that maybe it couldn’t afford”.

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Washington State is getting tougher on DUI arrests and even drivers alleged to have committed a DUI. Perhaps common sense is winning out here. If you have been accused of DUI and are facing Washington State’s tough DUI laws and would like to discuss the Washington State DUI process, don’t wait to call an attorney. Contact my office at (888) 252-1961 to set up an DUI initial in-office consultation.