Can I Drive My Car After I Have Smoked Marijuana? There Is No Easy Answer...

The New DUI Marijuana Law

Washington State residents have a lot to learn about the new DUI Marijuana law and Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana.

One group, Medical-Marijuana patients, in Washington State fear with the passage of Initiative 502 (DUI provision with a set THC legal limit of 5 nanograms) may mean the end of their legal driving abilities. Also, remember, if you are under the age of 21 then you cannot have any THC in your system.

In a Seattle Times article, Tim Adams, a medical marijuana patient, had the following to say, “The DUI provisions mean someone would have to wait for four to five weeks after smoking marijuana to be sure they would pass the [THC] blood test.” Adams further stated that due to how the body releases toxins, patients are concerned that although the effects are not felt, they would still be driving under the influence of marijuana with a THC level exceeding the legal limit.

This new Marijuana law may cause many problems for patients that smoke weed for medicinal reasons and for individuals that smoke weed for recreational reasons.

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