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I decided to contact Mr. Garka after reading his bright reviews and his impressive profile. Given the severity of the mistake I made, I felt an enormous emotional burden which only got worse the more I read about it. From my first meeting with Mr. Garka I felt reassured that I had put my case in the right hands. Not only did Mr. Garka explain in detail the process, he answered my many questions in a comforting manner without needing to sugar coat anything. In many instances his explanations even anticipated my questions. Even though these processes are quite lengthy it didn't feel that way in retrospect. I am extremely thankful for Mr. Garka's genuine human interactions and I have no reservation in recommending him. Best of luck.

– Anonymous

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Make sure your rights are protected and that you get treated fairly by hiring a qualified attorney with experience handling DUI cases in Washington State. I help DUI defendants protect their rights and ensure fair treatment. The legal system is tricky, but with my guidance, you will understand the full implications of your situation and identify the steps you will need to take next.

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