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Attorney Fees

DUI Defense Attorney Serving Bothell, WA & Snohomish County

During your initial free consultation, I'll spell out my fees. I am certainly sympathetic to the fact that the cost of hiring a DUI attorney is an expense that you hadn't planned on. I'm sure you didn't budget for getting arrested. Therefore, I typically charge for my services at a flat rate. I also offer payment plans if that is something that would help you.

If you find it more convenient, I'll be happy to accept payment with a credit card: MasterCard or VISA. Of course, I'll always accept cash or checks. My initial consultation with you is always free, so there is absolutely no risk on your part. You'll have an opportunity to determine just what your rights and options are, so you can make an informed decision about the best person to represent you.

After we've spoken, if I haven't convinced you that I am the best person to protect your rights and freedom, then you can simply choose not to hire me. That will be that, and you'll still walk away with some helpful advice from an experienced Washington State DUI Lawyer.

I've seen people try to defend themselves in court, without the benefit of a knowledgeable Snohomish County DUI Lawyer, but it's almost always a mistake. There are significant risks, and the penalties can be quite harsh. Solid legal representation will substantially decrease these risks, and give you peace of mind at a difficult time.

You can discover for yourself how I can help save your license and freedom by calling me at (888) 252-1961.

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