Where You Sell Drugs Could Result in Worse Penalties

Selling drugs can turn a quick profit, but it can be difficult to find buyers. For this reason, many suppliers sell in and around schools to maintain a low profile while maximizing potential sales.

However, authorities aren’t blind to this lucrative tactic and have cracked down on selling drugs in or near schools. In this blog post, attorney Mark Garka will show you how drug charges are amplified when schools and other zones are involved.

Drug Charges & Specific Zones

As stated on the Washington State Legislature website, selling drugs in the following places can result in more severe penalties than selling the same drugs in a place not specified on this list.

Selling drugs in these places can result in worse penalties for the convicted:

  • In a school;
  • On a school bus;
  • Within one thousand feet of a school bus route stop designated by the school district;
  • Within one thousand feet of the perimeter of the school grounds;
  • In a public park;
  • In a public housing project designated by a local governing authority as a drug-free zone;
  • On a public transit vehicle;
  • In a public transit stop shelter (bus stop);
  • At a civic center designated as a drug-free zone;

Potential Consequences

If someone is caught selling drugs in one of the areas mentioned above, he or she could face up to double the fine and imprisonment time for a successful conviction.

You should know that lack of knowledge is not a defense for increased sentencing. Therefore, nothing changes if you didn’t know you were selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a school bus route.

Accused of Selling Drugs?

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