Three Things You Should Never Say When Arrested for Possession

Thanks to our Constitution, American citizens have the right to remain silent during police questioning. In fact, pleading the fifth and waiting for your experienced Mill Creek criminal defense attorney is undoubtedly the best thing you can do for your case; however, some people have a hard time staying quiet. If youhave to say something when you’re arrested for possession, make sure it isn’t one of these three things!

1. “Yes, You Can Search My Things” (Before an Arrest)

This statement is something you should never say before an arrest. If an officer asks if he or she can search your car, your backpack, or whatever it may be, politely refuse the request.

An officer must establish probable cause for different police activities. For example, if an officer sees you speeding, he has probable cause to pull you over and give you a citation.

However, this officer does not have the right to search your vehicle just because you were speeding. Therefore, if an officer asks if he or she can search your things, deny the request.

2. “These Are My Drugs”

Professing guilt is the last thing you want to do when you’re arrested. Therefore, when a cop asks if you the drugs they found are yours, it’s never a good idea to say yes.

Unfortunately, some cops will lie and tell suspects that if they confess to a crime, they will “put in a good word” with the judge. However, cops have no power over the prosecuting process. Therefore, never buy into a cop’s lie that owning up to possession charges will help your case.

3. Lie for Any Reason

Here is a short list of best practices when responding to a cop without an attorney:

  • Best- Silence
  • Worse- Talking
  • Worst- Lying

Many people think that if they lie well enough, they can help their case. However, if someone is caught in a lie, they could end up making their case a lot worse. Therefore, if police ask a potentially incriminating question, suspects should plead the fifth rather than lie.

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