Can I Get in Trouble as a Passenger During a DUI Arrest?

Driving while under the influence (DUI) charges only affect a driver of the vehicle; however, some charges impact passengers during DUI arrests. Unfortunately, many passengers are unaware of these potential charges, so everyone who enjoys going out with friends should read this blog in its entirety to learn about the possible consequences.

Public Intoxication

In Washington, public intoxication is not a crime; however, public intoxication can result in protective custody or being admitted to a rehabilitation program against their will. Therefore, while no criminal charges are associated with public intoxication for passengers, they can still face ramifications.

Underage Drinking

When a driver is pulled over for a DUI, the police may ask passengers to show their ids and take sobriety tests if they appear underage and intoxicated. If police find that you or a loved one are drinking underage, you will undoubtedly face charges for underage drinking despite not being behind the wheel. Underage drinking is a gross misdemeanor and can result in fines and jail time if the juvenile is convicted. Therefore, passengers during a DUI arrest can face underage drinking charges.

Open Container

In Washington, having an open container of alcohol or marijuana inside a vehicle is a misdemeanor offense. In many open container situations, multiple passengers and the driver are charged for a single open container in a car. Therefore, one open container can impact multiple passengers and result in multiple open container charges. With this in mind, it is inadvisable to get into any vehicle where passengers or the driver are smoking weed or drinking alcohol.

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