Mistakes Police Officers Can Make While Stopping You

If you have been arrested for a DUI in the state of Washington, you may be facing difficult charges. The good news is that the police officer may have made mistakes while stopping you on the road!

The following is a list of common mistakes law enforcement make while pulling individuals over for possible DUIs.

Did the police officer make any of these mistakes when stopping you?

Washington State police don't want you to know about the mistakes they often make during a Washington State DUI stop.

  • Stopping a vehicle on the basis of an anonymous call.
  • Following a driver into his residence without an invitation or without enough information to justify the entry.
  • Basing an arrest on the statements of the driver alone. The officer must have independent evidence to corroborate these statements.
  • Detaining a driver longer than is reasonable to investigate. The constitution does not allow officers to hold you without limit.
  • Stopping a vehicle without an articulable suspicion.
  • Stopping a vehicle because it stops in the middle of the street or it is driving too slow.
  • Weaving within a lane. The statute only requires you to drive as nearly as is practicable within a single lane.
  • Stopping a vehicle based on a mis-perceived violation of a law. The officer must be right about his interpretation of the law.
  • Stopping a vehicle for an improper sign.
  • Failing to follow the rules of the Washington State Administrative Code and DataMaster operation manual.
  • Stopping at an improper roadblock.
  • Stopping a vehicle just to check the driver's license and registration. There must be an actual traffic violation or an articulable suspicion of a crime.
  • Stopping a vehicle without being able to identify it as the one actually committing a traffic infraction.
  • Stopping a vehicle for no reason at all.
  • Blocking a vehicle's exit without justification. Officers may not restrict a driver's freedom to leave without a reason.

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