Wenatchee Valley Experiences Spike in Daytime DUIs

Over the past week, Washington State Patrol has noticed a recent spike in the number of drunk driving accidents that have occurred during the daytime. There have been five accidents in the past six days, which State Patrol Troopers consider “anomalous.” According to the NHTSA, only 18% of fatal car accidents during the day are alcohol related.

Individuals who drink heavily the night before wake up, still intoxicated, and get in their cars to drive home. On average, the human body metabolizes about one drink per hour. If your blood alcohol content is the legal limit, 0.08, it would take you about 6 hours for the alcohol to leave your system. Those who attempt to “sleep it off” in 3 or 4 hours are likely still impaired when they wake up and may not be sober enough to drive. If you wake up drunk, have a cup of coffee or taking a shower in the morning will not cause the alcohol to leave your body quicker.

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