New Email Scam Calls Recipients to Washington Court

The Washington Courts System has released a new warning that an email scam claiming to be from "the court of Washington" has been making its way into Washington resident inboxes. According to authorities, the email says it contains a court document, but, upon opening, releases a damaging virus onto the user's computer.

According to The Seattle Times, similar emails have been circulating in states all over the country, but the Washington Courts System is being proactive in informing potential cyber-attack victims. According to their site, the dangerous email has several indicators:

  • The subject line says "Urgent court notice" followed by a number
  • The email claims the recipient needs to appear in "the court of Washington"
  • The email instructs the recipient to open and read the attached file

According to the Washington Courts System notice, the file contains malware and could prompt your computer to download a harmful virus. While it is true that many court processes and resources are slowly migrating online (and are already incorporating some email and PDF features), the court system still always makes these notices easily confirmable as official—and still sends very important notices through the regular mail.

For the more information this email scam, see the official Washington Courts website here.