Can You Drive? There is a DUI App!

As more and more of us are buying Smartphones, and we may also use a Portable Breath Test (PBT) device; what if we could combine the two devices so we would know when we are safe to drive after consuming alcohol?

Some new devices are small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and cost as little as $50.00. Some simply require you plug the device into your Smartphone, blow, and you can see your BAC level. While you may consider this a tool to help you make a smart decision to drive or to take a taxi, beware that even if you are below the presumptive limit, you can still get a DUI. See the Today Show report below:

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Or the CNN report seen in this video:

Three such DUI breath test devices on the market are: Breathometer, Alcohoot and BACtrack Mobile. Some informal testing has been done and, let’s just say that you shouldn’t trust these devices yet. Even the maker of the Breathometer suggests that “Nothing ever replaces good judgment and at no time should you drink and drive.” See report.

One big issue that arises is the misconception that you can be below the legal limit, again, a 0.08 for adult drivers, and will not get a DUI. If an officer thinks you are impaired, then you WILL be arrested for a DUI, regardless of your “low” breath alcohol number. In short, don’t trust the numbers and always remember that it is safer not to have anything to drink before you drive.

While this technology is interesting, and would be a blast at parties, I wouldn’t use it as an approval to drink and drive. The safest bet is to NOT drink anything and then drive. While it is not illegal to drink and drive, there is a movement by law enforcement to find and arrest all drivers that have consumed alcohol.

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Are you DUI ? There is an app for that!