A DUI Arrest Affects More Than Just You!

When you are arrested for a DUI it certainly effects you and that reality comes true when the officer slaps the handcuffs on your wrists. However, your arrest also affects others. Imagine having a friend or family member in the car with you when you are arrested. They must then find a way home when your car is impounded. If you get a DUI with children in your car that are under the age of 16, CPS (Child Protective Services) will become actively involved.

Your job could be at risk; affecting your loved ones. Your time will be spent going to court, meeting with your WA State DUI Lawyer, and cleaning up your situation.

Also, consider this: What happens to your puppy that you left at home when you are arrested? Watch this video, “Friends Are Waiting” by Budweiser, for a touching reminder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eubWYPhcEEo

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