Another Issue Arises On The Road To Washington State's Progressive Marijuana Policy

Federal Government Bans Pot On Military Bases In Washington State

It is not news that Washington State has become one of the most progressive States in legalizing Marijuana.

I have previously blogged about interesting issues that have come up with Washington State’s Marijuana policy and driving under the influence of Marijuana or pot.

Now, there is another interesting new twist to deal with: The Federal Government has reminded us that it has a ban with pot on military bases in Washington State. What does that mean to our military service members here in Washington State? Pot use remains off-limits to military service members. If you are in the service (Active-Duty and National Guard members), and you are caught with Marijuana, you face possible expulsion from the service.

Currently, if you are in the service, you are subject to random UAs.

The Federal Government will root out drugs in the Military, and all soldiers and airmen are hereby ordered not to possess or use marijuana.

Even if you are not yet in the military, and you have hopes and dreams of joining, beware, the new state laws also do not change standards for new recruits. While past marijuana use doesn’t automatically bar military service, enlistees are given 2 UAs after joining and failing either one would mean that you are no longer able to join the military.

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