DRIVE HIGH, GET A DUI... It's here...

Marijuana DUI Laws In WA State

After much anticipation, it is now legal to consume recreational marijuana purchased from state endorsed stores in Washington State. With the arrival of recreational marijuana comes the reminder, that if you get high, and then drive, you can get a DUI.

Unlike an alcohol DUI, where the suspect is given a DUI breath test, a marijuana DUI involves a trip to the hospital for a DUI blood test. However, the officer can also make an arrest based on observed impairment.

Just like an alcohol DUI, a person charged with a Marijuana DUI is subject to jail time, loss of license, and paying high fines.

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If you enjoy a bit of the recreational marijuana and find yourself in trouble with the law while driving under the influence of Marijuana, contact my office as soon as possible to discuss what we can do to help you.