DUI Arrests, The Final Frontier

WSP Aircraft Hunting For DWI Drivers

In a recent turn of events, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) is now looking for impaired drivers from aircraft.

In an article from the Everett Herald we have learned that the airplane’s crew can be called in to spot and follow or locate drunk or aggressive drivers. The estimated cost of each of these airplanes is not listed, but the cost of the Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) which is used in military airplanes is an estimated $400,000 each. There is no estimate on how much it costs to operate the program on a monthly basis. Last year, without the airplane program in place, WSP netted 18 impaired drivers on a busy summer weekend in Snohomish County. Presuming the same number of drivers are arrested this year during the same busy summer weekend and if the two airplanes are used to help with the arrest, the cost would be over $44,000 per DUI driver. Is this cost effective? Really?

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