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Court Appearances - Frequently Asked Questions

If I hired an attorney, do I have to go to court?

Since you have been charged with a DUI, you MUST appear at every court hearing, even if you have an attorney.

I missed a court date, what should I do now?

Typically, if you miss a court date a warrant will issue for your arrest. Depending on the court, you may be able to walk in and quash the warrant, call and reset, or turn yourself in to the jail. With an attorney's help, a new date can be set for your appearance.

I live in another state; do I still have to go to court?

Most likely you will have to appear at the arraignment. You must appear at all court hearings, like a citizen from the State of Washington.

Will the judge treat me differently if I hire an attorney?

The short answer is no. An experienced attorney will guide you through the system and that generally saves the court time. As a general rule, having an attorney usually gets you into and out of court faster.

What should I wear to court?

If you are attending a criminal court you should dress in good quality clothing. Such as clothes that you would wear to a job interview in an office, or what you would wear to a wedding or church. It is important to show respect for the court. Whether you like to show respect or not, you will not get a Judge to exercise discretion in your favor if you dress with disrespect.

Never wear a hat, chew gum, or leave your Walkman and headphones on in a courtroom. Never permit your cell phone or pager to be turned on in the courtroom; leave it locked in your car.

Judges get very upset when people wear shorts, light flimsy tops, revealing necklines, bare belly buttons, or bare shoulders.

Shirts should be tucked in and buttoned up. Belts should be fastened. Shoes should be worn. If you wear a t-shirt, I don't recommend it. Please make sure it doesn't bear any beer or alcohol advertisement, or any anti-social slogan.

If your son or daughter or spouse has been placed in custody and does not have appropriate clothing, contact the police or the jail where they are being held, and bring them appropriate clothing. It is amazing how many accused persons in custody come to court without shoes. You can't expect the custodial authorities to supply them with clothing, any clothing.

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